Visit the beautiful Auckland

Find a Spare Room in Auckland, New Zealand

Published 06/12/17 | Accommodation | Spare Room

The small island nation of New Zealand is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, national rugby team, and the Maori culture. Whether you’re moving to Auckland for studies, work, or holiday, why not consider renting a spare room? Read on to...

Find a Spare Room in Dublin

Published 30/10/17 | Accommodation | Spare Room

Spending some time in Dublin, the heart of Ireland, is extemely refreshing. This city gives off such an exciting atmosphere with so much music and general hustle and bustle. Here you will find places full of life, including a multitude of pubs, each...

Is flatsharing only for students?

Published 16/08/17 | Accommodation | Houseshare / Flatshare

The preconceived idea that only students go into flat shares is completely wrong. In this social phenomena where they exist under the influence of the collaborative economy, sharing a flat has become of interest to many different social groups...

Find a B&B in Wales

Find a B&B in Wales

Published 10/08/17 | Accommodation | Bed & Breakfast

Wales has long been a favourite holiday destination; the rolling hills, the gorgeous valleys, the brisk beaches… Not to mention the weather! While Wales may not be known for glorious sunshine, hordes of holiday makers choose one of the many summer...

Good reasons to rent out your spare room

Good reasons to rent out your spare room

Published 03/08/17 | Accommodation | Spare Room

More and more property owners are starting to rent out their spare rooms and share their homes, whether it’s for a few days or a few months. The chance to make some extra cash from your spare room is too good to miss: what are you waiting for?...

Spare rooms in Glasgow

Find a spare room in Glasgow

Published 17/07/17 | Accommodation | Spare Room

Glasgow has been a city on the up for quite a few years now, notably including the fact that they played host to the Commonwealth Games in 2014. The city is a vibrant yet historic tourist destination and is loved by students and locals alike –...

Spare room Adelaide

Find a spare room in Adelaide

Published 10/07/17 | Accommodation | Spare Room

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and Australia’s 5th biggest city, yet it never seems to receive the attention of the other state capitals. With more than 75% of the state’s population living in the city, it is an incredibly populous...

Setting up a B&B: legal matters

Published 30/06/17 | Accommodation | Bed & Breakfast

Setting up a bed and breakfast in your home or a dream house in the Cotswolds may seem like an easy lifestyle – no commutes, running your business from home, getting to know your lovely guests… Many find that reality bites, and that setting up...

Find a spare room in Belfast

Published 02/06/17 | Accommodation | Houseshare / Flatshare

Belfast is a brilliant destination for a trip, no matter what you’re after. Students and tourists are consistently impressed by the historic monuments and museums, as well as the breathtaking scenery a short journey outside the city and the great...

The 5 types of B&B location

Published 24/05/17 | Accommodation | Bed & Breakfast

Thinking of getting away from it all and setting up a B&B? It’s a dream many people have, and there’s a certain romanticized image of B&B ownership. It’s not for everyone, but many do find a new passion in life. But where should you set up or...

Finding a flatshare in Paris

Published 10/04/17 | Accommodation | Houseshare / Flatshare

Rent prices in Paris can be a real problem for students looking for accommodation in the French capital. The city is magnificent and has a whole host of opportunities and things to do, which makes it all the more important to find affordable...

Flatsharing in Spain

Published 03/04/17 | Accommodation | Houseshare / Flatshare

Spain is one of the dream destinations for students studying abroad on the Erasmus programme. The attractive climate, the low cost of living and the beautiful towns and cities across the country go some way to explaining its appeal for Students...

Find a flatshare in Cardiff

Published 22/03/17 | Accommodation | Houseshare / Flatshare

As the biggest city in Wales, Cardiff is one of the UK’s most popular student cities, with a huge number of students living and studying at the University of Cardiff and Cardiff Metropolitan University. Living in Cardiff you will have the choice...

Find a spare room in London

Published 08/03/17 | Accommodation | Spare Room

London is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, students and expats in the world. It is almost unrivalled in the amount of things to do and see across the city, with some of the most iconic sights in the UK. The capital city offers...

Find a flatshare in Bristol

Published 27/02/17 | Accommodation | Houseshare / Flatshare

Bristol is one of the UK’s most dynamic and exciting student cities, with a huge number of students living and studying at the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England (UWE) . Living in Bristol you will have the choice of a...

A Brief Guide to Holiday Rentals

Published 18/01/17 | Accommodation | Holiday Rentals

Vacation rentals consist of renting an accommodation, or part of it, to tourists passing through the area. If you haven’t thought about capitalising on this opportunity when you’re away from home, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about it...

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Room in Spain?

Published 11/01/17 | Accommodation | Spare Room

Average rent in the different regions of Spain The average rent for homestays in the different regions of Spain can be seen on the map below. The average rent prices have been calculated through the advertisements posted to Roomlala's website. If...

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